Tools: Working with your advisor to save for retirement


Assess your situation
Financial priority planner checklist PDF document
Use this planner to assess your current financial priorities. Your advisor can devise the appropriate strategies to help you balance your priorities while making progress toward your goals.

Develop your plan
Financial snapshot checklist PDF document
To help build a realistic retirement savings plan, your advisor will need an accurate assessment of your current finances. Use the following list to develop a current inventory of your income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities. Revisit this list when you conduct the annual review of your retirement plan or any time your circumstances change.

Retirement lifestyle checklist PDF document
Complete this quick assessment to get a snapshot of your retirement years. Even if retirement seems a long way off, this assessment can help you begin to shape your plans. Share this information with your advisor so that together you can develop a clear plan.

Identify your sources of income PDF document
Take stock of all the sources available to you for covering your expenses and generating income during retirement. You may be anticipating income from the Canadian government’s income security programs, employment, employer pension plans and assets in registered retirement savings plans and non-registered investment accounts. You may also have tangible assets such as real estate that could be converted into income if needed.

Questions to ask PDF document
Before you proceed with a recommended strategy or investment, always make sure that you completely understand how it will benefit your overall retirement plan.

Review your plan:
Annual review discussion checklist PDF document
Preparing for your annual review with your advisor is an important part of the financial planning process. Use this checklist to help ensure that you have all the information you need and that you know which topics you most want to discuss.

Getting good advice
Getting good advice