A plan created just for you

The best retirement plan is one that is precisely tailored to your needs. And the information that you compiled completing the checklists below will go a long way in helping your advisor design the right plan for you at this stage of your life. Share this information with your advisor so that he or she is completely familiar with your financial priorities and retirement planning concerns.

To do the best job for you, your advisor needs open and honest communication. Information that you may think is unimportant could be relevant to your plan, so full disclosure is always recommended.

As well, be sure to ask questions and seek clarification whenever necessary. Clear and thoughtful communication between you and your advisor will go a long way toward realizing your goals.

Here are some suggestions for how you can help your advisor create the best plan for your retirement needs:

  • Provide your advisor with clear and honest answers to any questions. The only right answers are the ones that are true to your current situation and future goals.
  • Help your advisor understand the conflicting priorities that need to be considered in conjunction with your retirement savings plan. (Use your Financial priority planner checklist PDF document to aid your discussion.)
  • Make your advisor aware of any special circumstances that exist now, or that you could reasonably expect later, which could influence your plans, such as the care of a dependent relative or child, or an anticipated inheritance.
  • Highlight any particular issues or concerns so that your advisor can respond to them. (See the Planning tip on this page.)
  • Ask your advisor to explain all recommendations clearly. Make sure you fully understand any suggested strategies and investments. For help, see the Questions to ask tool. PDF document .
Getting good advice

TIP: As you’re browsing the Internet, newspapers and magazines, you’ll encounter information about retirement planning and investments that may pique your interest. Prepare a clippings file of these articles and other issues so that you can discuss them in greater depth with your advisor.