Working with your advisor to save for retirement

Saving for retirement is one of the most important financial goals that you will ever pursue. And this guide will help you achieve this goal by showing you how to work effectively with your most important asset – your professional financial advisor. Your advisor has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer you the sound financial advice you will need to make the retirement planning decisions that are right for you.

By working through this guide, you will

  • identify your current financial priorities and retirement planning issues and concerns
  • learn how your advisor can effectively address your retirement issues and concerns to develop a realistic plan for you
  • be well prepared to work effectively and efficiently with your advisor as you save for retirement
  • learn how to work with your advisor to adapt your retirement plan and ensure that you continue to reach your goals

Keep in mind that everyone’s retirement planning needs are different and not every suggestion will apply to your situation.

So consider carefully those issues that do apply to you, and plan to discuss them with your advisor.

Getting good advice