Understanding where you are and where you want to go

One of the most important considerations when saving for retirement is that you develop a plan addressing your current priorities and your future goals. This means taking a look at your current financial circumstances and the retirement issues that concern you.

How you can help
The following worksheets make it easy for you to identify where you are today, uncover issues and concerns that you may have about saving for retirement, and discover the many ways in which your advisor can help. The tools in this section can help you clarify your own thoughts about retirement and other financial priorities and prepare you for productive discussions with your advisor.

Saving for retirement: Your personal assessment
In the accompanying pages you’ll find a set of information sheets with quick checklists to help you identify the financial issues most important to you now and later in your life. Select the worksheet that best fits your current circumstances, based on the number of years you have until retirement. Browse through the appropriate worksheet, taking note of any issues that concern you and how your advisor can help. Then complete the included Financial priority planner checklist PDF document to identify your current financial priorities. Be sure to share this information with your advisor. If you have a retirement concern or issue that isn’t mentioned here, remember to record it so that you can discuss it with your advisor.

Getting good advice