Tools: Working with your advisor when you're ready to retire


Define your goals
What will your retirement look like? PDF document
Here’s a tool to help you visualize your life after work. By answering the following questions, you can begin to create a realistic picture of what you want your retirement to be.

Exploring what your retirement costs
Determine anticipated retirement expenses PDF document
A retirement budget planner can provide you with a more accurate reading of your expenses in retirement. Your advisor may have a preferred method of developing a retirement budget, or you can use the worksheet provided.

Evaluating your retirement options
Identify your sources of income PDF document
Work with your advisor to calculate your estimated monthly income from all sources in retirement. You can use the worksheet provided, or your advisor may have one that he or she prefers.

Creating your retirement income plan
Questions to ask PDF document
Before you take any action, make sure you are completely comfortable with your retirement income plan.

Managing your financial affairs in retirement
Expectations and responsibilities checklist PDF document
Some of the services you need in retirement may differ from those your advisor currently offers. From the following list, select the services that you expect your advisor to provide.

Getting good advice