Working with your advisor when you're ready to retire

Are you finding yourself thinking more often and more seriously about your retirement? Maybe something has changed in your life that's prompted you to focus more intently on how you'll spend your retirement years.

Perhaps your last child has left home. Maybe a colleague has recently retired and you’ve seen how enjoyable retirement living can be. Possibly, you’re nearing your target retirement age, or you’ve been given the opportunity to retire early. You may have health concerns and priorities that you need to attend to. Or you’re simply ready to start the next stage of your life.

Count on your advisor for guidance.
Whatever your reasons, when retirement becomes top of mind, you’ll have plenty of questions to answer, options to explore and issues to address. And that’s where your financial advisor can help.

As you weigh your retirement options, look to your financial advisor as an invaluable resource. He or she can address your goals and concerns, help you evaluate your personal retirement wish-list, work with you to sort through your options and identify priorities and help manage your assets to provide the income you will need.

Using the information and tools presented in this guide, you and your advisor will be able to create a formal and customized retirement plan, and then monitor it throughout your retirement years.

Getting good advice