Tools: working with your advisor to save for education


Assessing your education-savings needs
Tallying up the costs PDF document
To best estimate the potential costs, you'll need an accurate picture of your education goals.

Building education savings into your financial plan
Financial priority planner PDF document
With this information, your advisor can help devise the appropriate strategies to help you balance your priorities while making progress toward your goals.

Considering your options
Questions for your advisor PDF document
Use this page to note any questions you have for your advisor about each of the main education savings options.

Managing your education-savings plan
Annual review discussion checklist PDF document
Being prepared ahead of time can help you and your advisor have a productive annual review of your education-savings plan.

Developing your pay out strategy PDF document
When it comes time to pay for postsecondary education, you will need to develop a pay-out strategy that can meet the student's cash-flow needs while continuing to maximize investment returns and minimize taxes.

Getting good advice