Saving for retirement

Years from retirement: Less than 30 years

piggy bank

How much money you will need for retirement.

How your advisor can help

  • Determine your retirement expenses.
  • Make recommendations to deal with any shortfalls.

To get started, complete the Identify your sources of income checklist.

balance scales

Balancing financial priorities.

How your advisor can help..
  • Set priorities, clarify options and manage your overall financial situation, including saving for education, paying down your mortgage or caring for elderly relatives.
  • Suggest realistic strategies to invest or for gradually increasing your regular RRSP contribution.

Discussing income-splitting and tax savings.

How your advisor can help

  • Illustrate effective ways to use spousal RRSPs and tax-smart strategies for non-registered investments.

Dealing with your total savings, such as employer stock option plans and company pension benefits.

How your advisor can help

  • Offer an objective evaluation of all those plans and benefits, and how to best use them.
  • Advise you on the tax implications of accumulated pension assets when changing jobs.