Ready to retire

Review your plan

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Review your advisor’s recommendations and ask questions to clarify anything you are unsure of. There are no trivial questions when it comes to your money. And if you don’t agree with a recommendation, or have concerns about your financial progress or the management of your account, say so. After all, it’s your financial future.

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Discuss how often you should meet to be updated on your financial situation and to check that your goals and assumptions are still appropriate. How often will you meet in person, talk by phone or communicate electronically?

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Don’t forget your estate plan.

Having a detailed knowledge of your finances, your advisor can help start the estate planning discussion. Then, depending on your situation, your advisor may recommend other professionals with specialized estate planning expertise.

Typically, estate plans include

  • a current will
  • a power of attorney for financial matters
  • a power of attorney for personal care
  • ensuring all beneficiary designations are complete and up to date