Ready to retire


Your advisor has helped you plan for your retirement. And now as you move into retirement, your advisor can continue to help you maintain your income objectives while making adjustments as needed.

You could be spending 30 years or more in retirement, and during that time your needs and goals may change.

Working with your advisor as you prepare to retire will help you

  • define retirement goals and needs 
  • explore key issues
  • determine retirement expenses
  • evaluate income sources 
  • start your estate plan 



Retirement 20/20 – The Fidelity 2018 Retirement Survey

How complete is your retirement picture? Achieving retirement fulfillment can mean different things to different people, but at its core, retirement fulfillment starts with creating opportunities to have choices in retirement – choices to play, to work or to learn.
See how other Canadians are approaching the next stage of their lives.

Find out more in the full report on the Fidelity Retirement Survey.