Ready to retire

Income plan

During your working years, you probably received one paycheque. Retirement income can be more complicated, with money coming from a variety of sources.


Your advisor can help you understand the income options available to you and their implications. For example, your advisor can

  • explain the most advantageous time to begin taking CPP/QPP payments
  • help you select the most suitable income option for your pension plan
  • outline the requirements for locked-in RRSPs
  • show you how to minimize taxes on your non-registered investments

Information your advisor will need

The more financial information you can provide to your advisor, the more guidance and planning services he or she will be able to offer. Helpful items include

  • pension plan statements
  • RRSP statements
  • other investment and savings account statements
  • life insurance statements showing cash value
  • your most recent income-tax return