Ready to retire

Five key retirement risks

A well-designed retirement plan should take into account the following key issues that can affect your income:

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Longevity PDF document

Canadians are leading longer and healthier lives;  an effective plan should consider a retirement lasting 20 or 30 years, or even longer.

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Asset allocation PDF document

Historically, equities have provided the long-term growth that is critical to a retirement plan. And a diversified portfolio that includes stocks, bonds and cash helps provide growth and protection against market volatility.


Inflation PDF document

Retirees’ investment portfolios need to keep up with inflation. Even if the modest 2% inflation average of the past 20 years continues, it could erode the purchasing power of retirement income by 40% over a 25-year retirement.

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Health care PDF document

It’s important to understand what health care costs are not covered by government programs and, if applicable, account for any of these costs in your planning.

To help ensure that you have the money you need for as long as you’ll need it, you and your advisor should review your plan on a regular basis.