Ready to retire

Define your goals

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Closing in on retirement

Now that you’re close to retirement, you may be reconsidering many aspects of your new life:
  • how much you want to travel

  • where you want to live

  • having a cottage or a winter home out-of-country

  • continuing with some level of paid work

  • pursuing new education and/or retraining objectives

  • participating in volunteer work

  • what your preferred daily routine will be like

You might want to ease your transition into retirement by working part-time for a few years or take a leave from work to live in one or more potential retirement locations.
Retired mother and grown daughter on the beach

Retirement challenges

Many challenges could affect your retirement finances and lifestyle. For example:
  • caring for aging parents

  • having adult children living at home

  • unanticipated health care issues and costs

  • unexpected expenses that reduce your financial reserves

The more information your advisor has, the better he or she will be able to assess key issues, evaluate options and adjust your financial plan to best serve your new needs and goals.
Be sure to consider all the issues in the list, and note any that could affect your retirement.
Revisit your retirement goals and expenses with the What will your retirement look like? checklist.