Working with an advisor

Checklist and worksheets

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Advisor services checklist PDF document

Prioritize the services you want your financial advisor to provide.

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Checking references PDF document

When pre-screening potential advisors, you'll want to check their references. If you're uncertain about what to ask, this guide includes some basic questions.


Financial changes by life stage PDF document

Use this guide to help you decide which changes in your lifestyle and finances to discuss with your financial advisor.

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Financial needs checklist PDF document

Review your financial goals and assets, along with your income, expenses and debts. The information gathered here will go a long way to helping you—and your advisor—develop a sound financial plan.

Meeting checklist PDF document

Plan to make meetings with your advisor more productive by planning ahead what topics you want to discuss. 

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Questions for advisors PDF document

Use these questions to help you evaluate which advisor is right for you.


Responsibilities review list PDF document

Both you and your advisors have responsibilities. Review the attached list and discuss with your advisor.